Working on Halloween sucked. But at least I got some cuddle time in, now I’m home and it’s to bed for I have a dentist appointment at 8am because I’m dumb and forgot to call them back to have it changed to later in the day.

Fuuuccck mornings.

At some point I still have to watch the PLL halloween episode cause it’s just been sitting on my DVR. I’ve just been too busy..


I feel like I have to scroll to the end of my dash from where I last posted because I might miss something great. Then, I get overwhelmed at all the posts and angry and end up getting off tumblr.

I might have a problem.

My morning was already super stressful. Enough that I called out on my 6th day off work at my home store. Now I hear that someone’s talking shit and trying to ruin my relationship. Bitch, I will fucking destroy you. Don’t fuck with me.

Everything went to hell….and then it came back. Rough morning

I found a Halloween costume!!!

Does anyone remember Potterception? Helena Bonham Carter pretending to be Emma Watson pretending to be Helena Bonham Carter. I got a muggle shirt from hot topic so I’m going to be a muggle pretending to be a witch trying to pass as a muggle!! I’m really excited.

Also the boyfriend got me 7 new pairs of panties do I could get rid of some old ones. Yaaay lacy underthings.

Hour long conversations with my boyfriend at 2:30 am are always fun. Things like tonight remind me how much I really love him and how much fun we have, even with distance. Also reminded I need to get advice in cursing his ex wife.
I’m also starving and we don’t have anything I can eat this late without getting sick. Damn. Shush tummy wait until morning.

Out of my 4 best friends and boyfriend

2 are in florida, 1 I haven’t talked to in a weekish, 1 is in jail because of stuff she did in an abusive relationship, and the last is already asleep because she’s preggo and also having a yardsale this weekend.

I’m miserable and have no one to talk to yaaaay.

I have 15 minutes to get 11 notes to reach 100 for the day.

Oh crap someone please reblog some of my dumb shit. This would make me so happy


I need 30 more notes by midnight est to have a hundred notes for the day. That will be the most notes I’ve ever gotten in one day the entire 3 years I’ve been on tumblr. Please please help me. Idk why it means a lot to me but it does.