My life is exciting today

  • I got my hair done (it’s shorter and darker(which I don’t like but I couldn’t tell the lady at the salon cause anxiety >.<))
  • i’m so proud of him

Tomorrow I have to go to the gyno. So I’m drinking a bunch of water so I can actually pee in the cup when they tell me too. Then I have to go to the gym.

Saturday night we’re going out to celebrate his promotion and I’m just so fucking happy for my baby!

The boyfriend and I are getting to go lunch and the guy next to us looks like a more built Daniel Craig and I was going to take a picture but the flash started to go off so I held my hand in front of it and the camera. Whoops. Heard him talk before he left though, not Daniel Craig.

Convinced the boyfriend to take a bath with me. Did not realize several things: when he sits in the tub the water almost overflows, the tub is much too small for him to sit in comfortably and that it’s hilarious to watch his peen bob about in the water (alcohol might be the source of this hilarity). At one point I said “I would love to have a penis, I would just flop it around all the time” man I love my boyfriend

Okay, so my boyfriend and I finally got internet in his apartment. I called comcast and they said they had a deal for INTERNET only at $45.00 a month and I just got the bill it’s $60 fucking dollars for internet and basic cable. WE DON’T OWN A TV HOW THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO USE CABLE? I specifically told the dude on the phone that we don’t need cable as we don’t have any way to use it. They have just internet but they signed us up for more. I’m calling them tomorrow and if they won’t fix it I’ll pay the $60.00 and cancel the service. Everything is so fucking expensive now. Damn.

For some reason I thought PLL started next week. Turns out all I did was miss the winter premier. I’m really hoping that they show them back to back next tuesday so I can DVR them. If not I’ll have to download the episode online and watch it. Really glad I haven’t looked in the tag or seen spoilers on my dash!


I broke my boyfriend’s chrome. He’s only had internet 24 hours and I somehow fucked up the sound. Like, it works fine if I play something on netflix but for some reason I try to listen to music on Tumblr, tried playing a game and nothing no sound at allll. Can anyone help me?

Not going to do a lot of tumblr tonight since I work early but

I just feel like making a post about how amazing my boyfriend is. I love that we hardly ever fight and we can always talk things out. I love how supportive and proud he is of me. Pretty much I just love him because he makes my insides go mush.


Found out a friend of mine died tonight :(


I had two really weird dreams last night.

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