Not going to do a lot of tumblr tonight since I work early but

I just feel like making a post about how amazing my boyfriend is. I love that we hardly ever fight and we can always talk things out. I love how supportive and proud he is of me. Pretty much I just love him because he makes my insides go mush.


Found out a friend of mine died tonight :(


I had two really weird dreams last night.

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Okay guys

If anyone likes me enough and wants to follow my Twitter you can its @hannah_wicked. Apparently someone already has my go to name of Hannah Halloween so I just picked something.

Unpopular ranting

Unpopular opinion time: I can’t stand Black Friday. After working in retail for so long I think it’s a disgusting tradition that makes Thanksgiving about shoving as much food as stomachs can hold then running out to buy a bunch of stuff. A lot of which isn’t even on that good of a sale. Sure some stuff is a great value but then you buy more because you have more money because you spent less on the sale item. I was driving home tonight and went past the mall. Last year I worked black friday. At midnight there was still plenty of parking. This year at 9:30 PM EST there were lines of cars just circling for spots. I just don’t get it.

Edit: I also think retail employees should get hazard pay/holiday pay/time and a half (whichever applies) for working Black Friday. I’ve heard of workers being punch or hit because they told a customer they were out of an item.

I can’t look at craigslist without wanting to throw up now.

I love adorable texts from him while I’m at work <3

Watching Julie and Julia. If I watched eat, pray, love I’d probably want to learn to cook…minus the fact that I don’t eat normal food.


Working on Halloween sucked. But at least I got some cuddle time in, now I’m home and it’s to bed for I have a dentist appointment at 8am because I’m dumb and forgot to call them back to have it changed to later in the day.

Fuuuccck mornings.

At some point I still have to watch the PLL halloween episode cause it’s just been sitting on my DVR. I’ve just been too busy..


I feel like I have to scroll to the end of my dash from where I last posted because I might miss something great. Then, I get overwhelmed at all the posts and angry and end up getting off tumblr.

I might have a problem.