Books, kindle,cards and bath fizzies. Perfect for an early afternoon bubble bath

Books, kindle,cards and bath fizzies. Perfect for an early afternoon bubble bath

Also quick PSA

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Tumblr is the reason I will never watch Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock or Teen Wolf.

I would love to unfollow all of the fandom blogs so I never see the posts again but the stuff they post is amazing.

And yes I had tumblr savior for a while then it started blocking things that had nothing to do with the tags I was blocking so I got rid of it.

According to one of the pharmacy customers at drive thru tonight I’m a racist.

I’m racist because I couldn’t spell her daughter’s name so I asked. Her name was J’aquyashia Thomas. I’ve never ever in my life heard that before and had not idea there would be an apostrophe in it so when I typed in Thomas, JAC (making my best damned guess) it came up with no results so I had to ask. Which makes me a racist and “Hateful to the names black people give their children”.

It gets better though. I couldn’t find the script or her daughter in the system so I had to look in the central system to see if it was at another store. While I was doing this she was loudly screaming to her husband (On speakerphone) about how incompetent we are at our jobs and how getting pills ready isn’t hard. When she pauses for breath her husband reminds her that they had, in fact, dropped the prescription off at another of our stores a day earlier and they couldn’t put it in the system because they needed the daughters info and medical history. Instead of apologizing she just drove away before I walked back to the window.

I just….can’t…what….


Apparently there have been people who’ve passed on following my blog because I’m not a dedicated MilSo blog and because they think me being Pagan is weird….Uhhh Sorry not Sorry? That’s all I’ve got on that one. My boyfriend is not deployed and we see each other every day. I don’t need to post about him all the time. The military is his life not mine. My religion is none of your business anyway.

I don’t know how to feel about everything so my brain defaulted to depressed. I’m to upset and sad to even be angry

I can’t even with politics. (AKA the longest thing I’ve written on tumblr)

I’ve never really been interested in learning much about politics, mostly because it pisses me off. I was talking with Zach about his divorce which lead to talk of BAH and how soon it might start to decrease by 5% yearly. Which will be decided by congress. The men who make 5000000000000000x more than he does. The men who can afford large homes, yachts, planes and other expensive things.

This of course led me to my rant about how people who play sports for a living make more than my boyfriend WHO SIGNED UP TO DIE FOR THIS FUCKING COUNTRY IF HE HAS TO. Which one of those bitches would willingly get shot at for the country they live in? It just makes me so fucking angry that these men and women who defend all of our fucking rights HAVE TO USE FOODSTAMPS. FUCKING FOOD STAMPS!!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?!?!

I just…I think that this is the generation where a lot of things go to shit and nothing changes. I mean for fuck sakes people are trying to regress women’s rights, to control individuals bodies. And I see so many of those stupid fucking and petitions that get so many damn signatures but nothing happens.

Because these millions and millions of people don’t have the millions and millions of dollars to back there shit up. Because apparently that is what you need to have. You need to be a 50+ privileged, rich, white guy for shit to change. Out of 535, I think, members of Congress 102 are women and 42 are POC. Only 19% of its members have active duty military service background, which is down from 80% in 1977!! “According to a Gallup Poll released in July 2013, the 113th Congress had the highest disapproval rating of any Congress since 1974, when data first started being collected: 78% of Americans surveyed said that they disapproved of the job Congress was doing, while only 15% said that they approved.In October 2013, during the government shutdown, this slipped to ten percent approval according to several polls.” (source)

I just can’t understand how people don’t give a shit about other people. I know it’s now a fact of life, I see it every single day but I just don’t understand it. And this lack of caring is why minimum wage won’t go up, it’s why people care more about the fetus of a rape victim than the actual person who was raped. This is why I think this is the generation who could solve so many issues but is being held back by the previous generation refusing to give up their power.

This is only a small portion of what I ranted about to boyfriend but if I keep going here like I did there I’ll throw up or commit mass murder. I’m sure there is some deep understanding of the oligarchy we’re pretending is still a democracy that people will want to add to this but I’m probably not going to read it. I’m not trying to offend or be a bitch but I can’t mentally handle all of this and the reality that’s slowly come crashing down about our shitty world. On the other hand by current biggest post is a bdsm related one at 80 notes so I doubt this will go far either.

I’m not even a little bit a fan of working 8 hours a day 5days a week. That leaves no time to enjoy life. Blah

Right in the feels

I’m so angry I’m going to throw up