I’ve just discovered unfuckyourhabitat

On their website and tumblr and I think I’m gunna cry. I’ve been harassing my bf about cleaning for over a year and now that I’ve moved in we have more stuff. His being lazy just rubs off onto me and I end up making excuses. My only good cleaning times are when he’s working and I’m off and usually I only do laundry and make the bed.

Today I’ve already made the bed but I’m going to do laundry and actually fold and put it away. Last week I just left it in the hamper after I got back from the laundry building on the other side of the complex. I might not clean more today but I’m a lot more motivated to make a schedule and start cleaning more.

I’ve also joined Duolingo because I want to learn Spanish and French, I’m studying for my Pharm Tech certification, and still learning Tarot. So I’m going to try and get a little of each done every day and a good bit of each done onĀ  days off. I’m pumped for this shit.


It’s been a few days over a year since Zach got home from deployment. I will never forget the day he came home to me. It was amazing. This past year has been fantastic and I love him so much. We’ve finally moved in together and our 2 year anniversary is coming up in October. I think pretty much every night before I go to sleep I think about how lucky I am and how crazy it is that I’m here with him every day. Sometimes it seems like a dream. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful man.

As an aside, I don’t post a lot of milso stuff on this blog and I stopped following a lot of Milso blogs because of drama. This blog is mine, about me and my life. I am not dating an army man or a military guy. I am dating a man. Being in the army is his job, it is not a definition of him, me, or our life together. I don’t mind (and would love) making milso friends but I’m not about that 24/7 military always life.

So I’m sitting in Starbucks reading Why does he DO that by Lundy Bancroft and in the intro she states the she totally knows their can be gay/lesbian abusive partners and she apologizes for anyone in a non hetero couple having to switch pronouns. That’s an amazing thing.

Also to forestall any questions I’m reading this book from a clinical point of view not out of need to use the info in my relationship. I love looking into how people think

Feeling really restless and wide awake. Probably because of my nap earlier. I’m just so bored, my dash is dead and I’m out of books. I wish I had a friend to go night driving with. I miss it but don’t like going alone anymore. It’s always more fun with a friend. Maybe I’ll just look for a movie on Netflix. Sigh


I’m using my 30 minute lunch break to drive home and change underwear because I started my period at work and bled all over them. Super effing awesome. It was so embarrassing to tell my boss -_-

Someone asked me why I’m not reblogging any more Ferguson posts

It’s because I had a bunch of messages equating my saying, not every cop is a trigger happy dick bucket with guys who say not all men. I am going to continue deleting any asks I get like that or similar. But just because I’m not reblogging doesn’t mean I don’t care and have stopped paying attention! This is MY blog, I’ve posted plenty about ferguson and now I’m done.

Plus today is my birthday and I’m not even at home. Just using wifi while eating lunch.

Birthday present from the boyfriend #harrypotter #slytherin #terrycloth #robe #me #personal

Birthday present from the boyfriend #harrypotter #slytherin #terrycloth #robe #me #personal

I used to think that I was empathic, I’m very good at sensing peoples emotions and helping them deal with things. Good at cheering people up and generally identifying with them. That magnifies 20x when I read. I have serious empathy for fictional people. It’s weird

My birthday is coming up on the 16th and if any of my followers feel like getting me something, an amazon gift card works!!! The email address for it is theladylayla@yahoo.com

Books, kindle,cards and bath fizzies. Perfect for an early afternoon bubble bath

Books, kindle,cards and bath fizzies. Perfect for an early afternoon bubble bath