Do ALL of the research

I decided to look online to see if either of  the libraries I go to have books on sigils, tea leaf reading (Because I still have the tea leaf reading cup I don’t know how to use) and then maybe just wonder around for a while. I also need to call my doctor’s office back so they can help me decide on a new birth control. I have a list of ones that are covered by my insurance and the one I’m on isn’t covered and is around 80. I also need to check on a job I applied for!

You guys know what is really sad?

I got paid $185 today for the last two weeks and I got excited. I’m working retail but my last job (also retail) I never made under $250 (Once in a while on bad weeks, usually it was 300+.) I’m not entirely sure what my life has come to but fucking 370 a month isn’t something to be excited about.

I drastically fail at life and I’m going to go to bed and be a little more depressed than I was twenty minutes ago then get up and go to my shitty job that doesn’t pay me enough to live on.

I would rather be t-boned in my car

than go to work right now. Fuck this job