Right in the feels


I’ve said it before but I’m in such a gushy mood I want to say it again. I’m so fucking lucky to have found Zach. I’m so lucky to love him and to have him in my life. He tells me how amazing and beautiful I am every day. He takes care of me when I need him and he’s just always there for me. Gah I can’t believe I lucked out and dear lord I hope it never ends.



have you ever had the biggest fucking crush on someone and whenever they do anything or just exist you feel like you’re going to die because they’re so lovely and wow

yeah, shes my girlfriend

  • Me: lemme kisses your face
  • Boyfran: No *stands on tiptoes so I can't reach*
  • Me: I'll knee you in the junk and when you fall over I'll kiss you and run away


Got up this morning and had my usual breakfast shake (I drink Boost because my diet is fucked up) talked with my parents and started getting ready. Zach and I are going to Comcast to figure out what the fuck is going on with our contract or plan or whatever. I hadn’t hear from him via text so I assumed he was asleep but when I got to the house he was awake. Comcast had delivered the cable box a day early. We don’t even a T.V. but they’re saying we have to use the cable part of our bundle or our plan goes to just internet which is twice as much. It sucks that Comcast is the <i>only</i> decent cable provider around here so they don’t have competitive prices. Anyway, I found out the box was delivered and Zach sat back down to the computer and I looked over to see what he was working on…his divorce! I was so excited and happy I didn’t have to remind him about it. Finally this month his soon to be ex wife won’t be able to talk him into waiting just a while longer for her to get on her feet. He’s filing the papers and soon he’ll be free so we can actually have a relationship that is going to be able to progress. Yay all of the things..except Comcast, fuck Comcast I can’t even with their bull shit.

This is also the week of the official “Cleaning of his goddamn apartment”. Hooray for clean things as well!!

Wrote a short one shot Hermione/Severus fanfic this morning. Would love to see what you guys think if anyone likes that pairing. It’s the first thing I’ve written in a while too.

Find it here

My new hair cut and new Deadpool shirt!! (Tagging Sec for deadpool reasons)

My life is exciting today

  • I got my hair done (it’s shorter and darker(which I don’t like but I couldn’t tell the lady at the salon cause anxiety >.<))
  • i’m so proud of him

Tomorrow I have to go to the gyno. So I’m drinking a bunch of water so I can actually pee in the cup when they tell me too. Then I have to go to the gym.

Saturday night we’re going out to celebrate his promotion and I’m just so fucking happy for my baby!

Convinced the boyfriend to take a bath with me. Did not realize several things: when he sits in the tub the water almost overflows, the tub is much too small for him to sit in comfortably and that it’s hilarious to watch his peen bob about in the water (alcohol might be the source of this hilarity). At one point I said “I would love to have a penis, I would just flop it around all the time” man I love my boyfriend

Business casual for work today #me

Business casual for work today #me