So, Zach’s divorce was finalized yesterday and we had drinks to celebrate! It was awesome! Now we just need to find out when we’re supposed to move to North Carolina.

The back #me #curlyhair

The back #me #curlyhair

Hair done #me #curlyhair

Hair done #me #curlyhair

Just got the third book in the Hollows series and the first Sweep Book for my Kindle. Re-read the first Hollows book a few weeks ago so now I have #2 & 3 on the kindle, the Sweep book and also the Vampires of Manhattan- The New Blue Bloods Coven books to read.

iPod is charged, it literally just started raining so now I’m going to do some stretches and then get in a bath with an e-book.

Very good Sunday! It would only be better if I had tea <

Just as a random note, I don’t track my tag on this blog or kittenwicked because they never show up. The last tag I’ve noticed for kittenwicked is almost a year ago and nothing new has shown up. It’s a pain in the ass and I have no idea why it won’t update :|


My trip to Dragon*Con 2014
Got a pic with deadpool, did the True Blood panel, saw Bpal but couldn’t get get close and got some signed Alice in Wonderland prints!!

Holy crap -__- I posted these on my Pagan blog instead of this one. I have the dumb. Thanks severinw93 for pointing that out b/c I never would have noticed!!!

I’ve just discovered unfuckyourhabitat

On their website and tumblr and I think I’m gunna cry. I’ve been harassing my bf about cleaning for over a year and now that I’ve moved in we have more stuff. His being lazy just rubs off onto me and I end up making excuses. My only good cleaning times are when he’s working and I’m off and usually I only do laundry and make the bed.

Today I’ve already made the bed but I’m going to do laundry and actually fold and put it away. Last week I just left it in the hamper after I got back from the laundry building on the other side of the complex. I might not clean more today but I’m a lot more motivated to make a schedule and start cleaning more.

I’ve also joined Duolingo because I want to learn Spanish and French, I’m studying for my Pharm Tech certification, and still learning Tarot. So I’m going to try and get a little of each done every day and a good bit of each done on  days off. I’m pumped for this shit.

This is my ALS ice bucket challenge!! And yes I donated also


It’s been a few days over a year since Zach got home from deployment. I will never forget the day he came home to me. It was amazing. This past year has been fantastic and I love him so much. We’ve finally moved in together and our 2 year anniversary is coming up in October. I think pretty much every night before I go to sleep I think about how lucky I am and how crazy it is that I’m here with him every day. Sometimes it seems like a dream. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful man.

As an aside, I don’t post a lot of milso stuff on this blog and I stopped following a lot of Milso blogs because of drama. This blog is mine, about me and my life. I am not dating an army man or a military guy. I am dating a man. Being in the army is his job, it is not a definition of him, me, or our life together. I don’t mind (and would love) making milso friends but I’m not about that 24/7 military always life.